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This website is dedicated to sharing some of the projects many talented people and I have worked on in the hope that you will find them interesting and informative. It is a living site so content will be added when time permits.

Thanks to the University of Canterbury for supporting some of these projects.

Don Clucas
Bagpipes penguin 3d Printing Antarctic Centre

Penguin Prosthetic

A careless fisherman discarded some fishing line into the sea and it became tangled around Bagpipes’ foot. The blood supply to his flipper was blocked and it had to be amputated. The staff at the Christchurch Antarctic Centre came to the rescue and cared for affectionately named Bagpipes. The University of Canterbury was asked to 3D Print him a prosthetic.






Virtual Insanity – Loaded Ebook

Wickedly ingenious Esprit and her collaborator have uploaded their virtual reality game and it has gone viral. Overnight they have become gazillioneers. Now, the game has gone rogue and doctors are sending their customers to asylums for the psychologically deranged.

Money, as many find, is a magnet to scum and they find themselves in a cess pool of amateur thieves, a hardened assassin, and a devious gamer wanting their millions. But they all find the pair have a devilish sense of humour. 




3D Printed Stirling Engine STEMgines

Stirling Engines are unique due to their ability to operate using heat (energy) from just a cup of hot water. This low temperature is within the capabilities of standard 3D printing materials so fully working engines can be 3D printed. See here

The engine shown above is believed to be the first fully 3D printed working engine. View it running here. 

Designing, making, testing and optimizing these engines are fantastic STEM education experiences.

To learn more about these engines and find files for making your own engines click below…

Making Chocolate Fish

In New Zealand, to give someone a chocolate fish is to give someone a reward for being spectacular. The aim of this project was to 3D scan a sculptured model of an indigenous fish and create a scaled down 3D printed plug for vacuum forming a chocolate mould.

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a fun way of making thin wall plastic parts. Using a simple 3D printed vacuum forming frame, a vacuum cleaner, a stove and a 3D printed plug mould you can let your imagination run wild and make all sorts of moulds for chocolate, plaster parts, silicon rubber moulds, model car bodies etc.

More To Come